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Who We Are

We are a tight-knit team that thrives on collaboration and creative approaches to new challenges. We are explorers driven by a passion for making new discoveries.

Creative and curious, our world-class team of innovative thinkers spans a wide range of backgrounds.

At Ascent Strategy, the worlds of art, science, and business collide in the pursuit of new insights to deliver our clients new capabilities and new competitive advantages.

For nearly a decade, we’ve been perfecting our uniquely high-impact approach to solving complex challenges through business design. We are fiercely protective of our culture, and operate in an environment of exceptional trust, transparency, and performance. Ascent operates with the drive, intensity, and optimism of a start-up backed by the credibility and resources of a market leader. We are committed to the relentless pursuit of making things better by making better things and we invest aggressively in our team and in our community. We want to see what you can do in a place built to let you bring your very best every single day.

What We Do

Ascent is a business design studio. We help companies analyze their own DNA to understand what drives them forward, and what holds them back. Our team designs solutions that bring our client’s vision to life, and to the marketplace. We create the systems, digital experiences, brands, new ways of thinking and innovative approaches that set our clients apart from the competition.

Taking a first-of-its-kind high-tech insurance product from concept to safeguarding thousands of acres of crop inside three months? From designing the product to developing their brand, to hand illustrating their brand elements—we made that happen.

Leading a nation-wide initiative to chart the future of one of Canada’s most important cultural assets that reached over 4,400 individuals and led to a commitment of $4.0 million in new funding from the Government of Canada? We’ve done that.

Creating a new model to unite and transform the delivery of animal health diagnostics and disease surveillance in Western Canada? We built that too.

We choose projects and clients that let us flex our in-house talents from the spark of an idea to the finish line. We’re in the business of creative problem solving, and our creative team is ingrained in that process. Developing a full go-to market strategy involves all of our unique talents from the outset.

Ascent is strategy first. High-impact solutions are born of deep insights into human behaviour, the environment, and the competitive landscape. We leave no path unexplored in our pursuit of best route to the summit. Through an intentional process of discovery, our teams bring our world-class creative and business design capabilities together to take big ideas from the drawing board to bottom line.

Who You Are

You are a digital marketer with content and analytics experience. You’ve written, posted, commented, supported and strategized. You know the right digital tool for the right KPIs. You know how to set objectives and which datasets to read to measure those objectives.

Working with clients, you’ve learned the importance of understanding their challenges and providing the best recommendation to help their business goals reach new heights.

The Role

Content and Digital Specialist

As a content and conversation specialist with Ascent you will assist teams by leading digital delivery of assets, customer engagement, determining, optimizing, and tracking the customer journey, and writing, developing content concepts, and coordination and producing of marketing and communications solutions for clients, as directed.

You are expected to be a detail-oriented critical thinker with the energy to flex your unique experience wherever needed. Your varied experience as a generalist will be a benefit to this role as you seamlessly transition from analytics to marketing support.

Digital Media Support

Working closely with our media strategist, you will support the digital media strategy implementation from ad buys and optimization to analysis of digital channel performance. You will assist with client-facing digital media project management and will ensure timelines and budgets are maintained.

Digital Coordination

Beyond paid digital tactics, you will coordinate direct marketing and customer engagement strategies across various CRM platforms such as MailChimp, HubSpot, social media manager tools (e.g. Sprout or Loomly), and others as required. Activities may include audience setup, creative uploading, testing, implementation and analysis.

Social Media Management

You may be required to assist in management and monitoring of clients’ or internal Ascent social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and others as required). This includes posting, community management, implementing content strategies, monitoring and reporting.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With an expertise in search, you will become Ascent’s SEO strategist. You will analyze and develop search strategies for our clients, identify ongoing opportunities for website optimization and work with the development team to ensure SEO best practices are implemented. You will perform ongoing keyword discovery, expansion, and optimization, and audit both client and competitor webpages for opportunities.

Writing & Copywriting

As the content and conversation specialist, you will at times be required to assist in writing/copywriting for websites, landing pages, email marketing, social media, news releases, client status reports, creative briefs and advertising copy (e.g. display, google adwords, social ads, print, out of home, scripts), and others as directed.

Presentation Development

You will assist in developing presentations (Power Point, Keynote, or others as required) and content (examples of work, brand or design slides, etc.) for presentations for clients or in support of management.

Content Creation and Production

You will be required to concept, develop, create and/or produce content as directed. This could include; video series’, long-form content writing, promotional photography or editorial shoots, and audio or multi-media works. Working with appropriate talent, vendors and partners, you will lead production and coordination, and assist or lead creative development, as directed.


You may at times be asked to photograph events, activities, products or people for Ascent or our clients. Ascent will support developing this skill, as needed or determined by management.

Education and Experience

Ascent’s team is multi-disciplined. We have education and backgrounds in accounting, business administration, biochemistry, graphic design, film and video, communications, marketing, philosophy, political science, economics, web development, and project management. Ascent draws on these diverse backgrounds to bring multiple perspectives and experience to every problem that needs to be solved.

Experience with all things digital media is a prerequisite, and a strong background and proven skills in other areas we described will be given equal consideration. How you got to where you are is less important than the things you learned on your journey.

Compensation and Benefits

We offer a competitive salary based on qualifications and experience backed by a comprehensive benefits plan. Our focus is to grow from within and work with team members motivated to build their careers with Ascent.

We value talent and skill. Our investments in developing our team are intentional and designed to create lasting impact. Whether it’s the whole team working through design thinking certification over the best local takeout the city has to offer, or sending a talented designer to study under their idol down in Memphis, we aim to create meaningful experiences for people.

You’ll also enjoy our team culture and our Explorers Fund—which empowers our team members to pursue a boundary-pushing adventure (of any shape or size) every year. An unwritten rule of the Explorers Fund is that we’ll know it worked when we finally have to say ‘no’ to someone because they’re pushing the envelope too hard – will it be you?

How to Apply

Send your resumé to by August 6, 2021. A cover letter helps us get to know you better—so tell us a little about yourself and the journey you want to take with us.